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Custom order your Anglican Prayer Beads in just a few steps! Simply select your preferred gemstones or wood beads for the weeks and cruciform beads and finish it up with a cross, charm or medal. Check out the images to reference more than 100 different components for unlimited possibilities to mix and match!

  • Your prayer beads will be handcrafted with high-quality gemstone or wood beads and includes a craftsmanship guarantee.
  • The processing time for a custom order is approximately 3 to 5 business days, from there please allow additional time for shipping delivery. (Note: Orders are processed Monday through Friday excluding national holidays.)
  • Each set of prayer beads includes a guide on how to pray the Anglican rosary. Packaged in a gift box with a drawstring pouch for safekeeping.

Custom Anglican Rosary Options

Unspoken Elements Custom Order Anglican Prayer Beads

Weeks Beads
The weeks beads are the 28 main beads of 6mm traditional beads. Reference the image charts and the drop-down list to choose gemstone or wood beads.

Cruciform Beads
The cruciform beads are the 4 beads that separate the weeks beads and the 1 Invitatory bead above the cross, these are offered in size 8mm. Reference the image charts and the drop-down list to choose gemstone or wood beads.

Accent Beads
The accent beads are tiny beads that are placed around the cruciform beads to separate them from the weeks beads around the loop. A list of basic colors are present to choose from.

Optional Tiny Beads Between Weeks
These tiny beads are placed in-between the weeks beads as shown in the image below. These extra beads are optional. A list of basic colors are present to choose from.

Optional Resurrection Bead
The resurrection bead is an optional bead that can be placed in-between the two cruciform beads above the cross. If selected, this bead will be the same as the weeks beads. This bead serves as a reminder that Christ lives on.

Cross, Charm or Medal
Choose from more than 40 crosses, charms, or medals. See the image charts and drop-down selection to make your selection.

All custom ordered prayer beads and rosaries are © Unspoken Elements.

View bead size information in our:

Bead Size Guide

What's Included?

Packaged With Love: Your prayer beads will arrive with a drawstring pouch for safekeeping, packaged in a gift box with an instructional pamphlet on praying the Anglican rosary with sample prayers.

Craftsmanship Guarantee: If your prayer beads break within 90-days of purchase we will repair them for you. View Our Guarantee

Gift Giving: Shipping directly to a gift recipient? We will send a complimentary greeting card on your behalf, simply include your message in the Order Notes section during checkout.

Made In The USA

Unspoken Elements is a small artisan business, our products are designed and handmade in the USA with loving care. We ship nationwide and to many countries around the world.

Designed to be functional for daily prayer we hand select each bead and use the strongest professional jewelry wire to ensure longevity.

Each rosary is made with high-quality genuine semiprecious gemstones, natural wood, or glass beads.

Need Assistance?

We're here to help, contact us with any questions or view our F.A.Q.

Check out our guide to praying the Anglican rosary and symbolism of Christian prayer beads.