Traditional Prayer
Traditional Prayer for the Anglican Rosary

This Traditional prayer may be recited while using Anglican prayer beads. In the Traditional Prayer for the Anglican Rosary, the Lord's Prayer is recited with the Cruciform Beads as it is considered to be the foundational prayer that Jesus taught to his disciples.

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Christian Symbols
Christian Cross & Symbols - A Comprehensive Guide

The Christian cross and its associated symbols are some of the world's most recognizable and iconic images. The cross, which represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is the central symbol of Christianity and is found in various forms throughout Christian art and culture. In addition to the cross, numerous other symbols are significant for Christians, each with a unique meaning and history.

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Jesus Teaches
10 Essential Teachings of Jesus

The teachings of Jesus are at the forefront of Christian morality and ethics. They have also influenced broader society, inspiring people of different faiths and beliefs to live more compassionate, loving, and selfless lives.

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