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The Triquetra Anglican Prayer Necklace features natural gemstones of blue aventurine and sodalite, which are believed to promote inner peace and balance. The silver triquetra charm is the centerpiece of the necklace and is a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Christianity.

The triquetra is often interpreted as representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The three interconnected arcs of the triquetra can also represent unity, love, and protection, which are central themes in Christian faith.

This prayer necklace can be used to count prayer as a 100 bead Anglican rosary with 5 cruciform beads, or it can be worn as a spiritual piece of jewelry that serves as a reminder of one's faith and devotion. The triquetra prayer necklace is a perfect gift for anyone seeking a deeper connection with their Christian faith.

    Necklace Details

    • Materials: Aventurine, Sodalite, Labradorite
    • Charm: Triquetra, Trinity Knot
    • Colors: Blue, Gray, Silver
    • Measures: 17 inches long from top to bottom of charm or 28 inches in circumference.
    • Drawstring pouch for safekeeping included.
    • Packaged in a gift box.

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