How To Use Anglican Prayer Beads

Anglican Rosary

Below you will find some guidelines on how to pray or meditate with the small 33 bead Anglican rosary, also referred to as Christian prayer beads or Protestant prayer beads.

One of the more important aspects is to just be comfortable and relaxed and don’t feel a sense of being rushed. You want to just be here in the moment, paying attention to each passing moment as you go through each bead.

  • First, choose a favorite prayer or words that have a deeper spiritual meaning for you. For this article we’ll assume that you have chosen a prayer. Remember to keep things simple and choose something that is close to your heart or that you can easily remember so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.
  • Next, find a comfortable location to sit where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Allow yourself to relax and allow your mind to become more restful and calm. After you have reached a feeling of relaxation, you may choose to begin your experience by holding the cross and saying one of the prayer’s that you have chosen.
  • Continuing on, allow your fingers to select the bead above the cross, commonly known as the Invitatory bead, while saying your next prayer. Next, allow your hand to advance to the first large bead also known as a Cruciform bead, while saying your next prayer.
  • Choosing the next bead while moving to the right, continue on to through the first set of smaller beads, while continuing to repeat or cycle through the prayers you have chosen. There are 4 larger Cruciform beads and 7 smaller regular beads between each Cruciform bead.
  • Continue with each bead and prayer as you continue around the circle of beads. You may want to do this three times, which could carry the significance and meaning of the Trinity, if that feels appropriate for you. As you continue, make sure you are feeling calm and going at a relaxed pace, allowing yourself to develop a comfortable rhythm as you are advancing through each bead.

When you have finished with your prayers and have advanced through the beads to your satisfaction, it would be very beneficial to end with some time to contemplate or meditate to fully absorb and reflect on what you have just experienced. This will also bring you closer to your connection and communion with God.