Unspoken Elements products are designed to be supportive for prayer and meditation, life challenges, spiritual growth, and faith.

Using natural semi-precious gemstones and wood our products are crafted…by hand…one at a time. It is our goal to provide you with superior customer service and quality craftsmanship in every product. We continually strive to craft beautiful jewelry pieces that will provide meaningful experiences for years to come.

Your satisfaction is very important to us! Jewelry that is handcrafted by Unspoken Elements includes a craftsmanship guarantee on manufacture defect and if you are not happy with your purchase we will gladly provide a refund within 10 days of purchase.

We are concerned about caring for the natural world and minimizing our impact on the environment. We actively take steps to reduce our carbon footprint by reusing, recycling, and telecommuting. Our web site files are stored online by a green hosting company that takes action to watch their carbon impact as well. We prefer the United States Postal Service for our shipping carrier as there is already a mail route in your neighborhood, it’s just one extra step to try and make a difference.

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by our shop. Your comments and questions are always welcome, feel free to contact us.

Rosary Maker